BLOOM wall clock was born with the idea of creating a fun clock but elegant at the same time. This design is constituted by three circular pieces that through their superposition create a visual game that emulates the needles of a traditional clock. The contrast of color between the different pieces visually helps the easy understanding of the time shown by the watch, also admitting a wide personalisation between colors and finishes. This watch with a minimalist and timeless design aims to create a balance between beauty and functionality as well as bring a touch of distinction to any space in the habitat.


 Materials stainless steel and power coated aluminium

 Dimensions 300mm x 40mm

 Client WAF











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ECLIPSE is a lamp designed to bring warmth and beauty to any home environment. Its sculptural composition and its warm light aim to eclipse, capture the attention of anyone who contemplates it. This luminary has as premise to establish a balance between contrasts. The coldness through its rough finish, tonalities and the purity of its forms, as well as warmth through the diffuse and attractive light it emits.


 Materials Steel and resin with marble powder 

 Dimensions 28x20x43 cm

 Client WAF





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VOLCANO is a decorative container inspired by Japanese aesthetics and designed to store small treasures or deposit items that we carry in our pockets daily. The aim of this design is "Bring order to the chaos, in a subtle and beautiful way". The interior of the ceramic container contains two different spaces for a better distribution of the objects, thus facilitating the user's vision when leaving and picking up the products. The light wooden lid protrudes subtly from the container, helping the user to lift it easily. This design also has a sculptural character providing a touch of personality on a side table, a shelf or any corner of the home.


 Materials ceramic and ash wood  

 Dimensions 200x120 mm

 Client WAF

Photography: Cualiti